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posted by Aaron Warbritton on 02.11.13

Each week from late August through January we send out an e-mail newsletter containing updates on deer activity and strategies, a link to the latest Whitetail Season web show, and the weekly Cabela's special. Typically, the mailing goes out on Wednesday.

We will not abuse the list and will never send you promotions outside of the above stated intent.  Your e-mail address will stay confidential.  We won't give it out or sell it.

We use a reputable e-mail delivery service, however, some companies still block the e-mails from coming through. If you really want the weekly newsletter, please sign up with both your business and home e-mail addresses.

If you ever want off the list, we provide a “safe unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each mailing that will remove you immediately and permanently.  

We hope the weekly update will be useful and help you to have a successful whitetail season!