What is Whitetail Season?

posted by Bill Winke on 02.02.13

Cabela's Whitetail Season is a near-live whitetail hunting series with tons of action and timely tips. 

This exclusively on-line series is built for hard-core deer hunters.  The timely format means you get to enjoy the hunts only a day or two after they happen - allowing us to address issues such as current behavior, strategies to use in the near future, changing weather patterns, etc. in hopes that the information will help you to have a successful season. Our goal is to keep you one step ahead of the bucks and to introduce new products that will aid in your pursuit.

The series features hunts from our pro staff and is designed to follow their story as it happens, thoughout the fall. You can go back at any time and watch hunts from previous years by looking through the drop down menu on the player.  The website also contains more than just a weekly show. We also offer video strategy tips, product reviews and articles that we will update regularly. 

Whitetail Season is made up of several teams located across the country.  Follow along with host Bill Winke as he hunts his Iowa farm for mature bucks. 

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Please enjoy Cabela's Whitetail Season!